less but better
Sober is the original state of being.

Naked, unadulterated and full of possibilities
The first Chinese

clean beauty makeup brand

SOBER BEAUTY - Clean Beauty Makeup

complexion paradox luminizer compact open in ruby
Complexion Paradox Luminizer

Discover 4 subtle, buildable colours with a natural glowing finish for cheek & eye

Four small applicator puffs on white and pink surface
Puffy Cloud

Use this soft applicator for best result with your luminizers and blushers

Sober Beauty large (85g) cleansing balm open
Blue Moon Calming Essence Cleansing Balm

Melt away heavy makeup and daily impurities with our soothing cleansing balm (85g)

Travel size (15g) Sober Beauty cleansing balm held in hand
Blue Moon Calming Essence Cleansing Balm

The small size (15g) of our popular cleansing balm is the perfect travel companion

Our Clean Promise

Pyramide showing the three levels of Sober Beauty's clean beauty approach: safe & sustainable, select, skincare

Skincare-infused with caring ingredients

Our products always leave your skin better off than before. That’s why all of our formulas offer additional benefits such as: protection, hydration, soothing, nourishment.

No compromise on makeup performance

We only make a product, if we can ensure full makeup performance with safe ingredients. All ingredients we use are carefully selected and essential – otherwise we leave them out.

No harmful ingredients

We banned ingredients, raw materials and production processes that are harmful to health or the environment. We adhere to strict international clean beauty standards.

Our Philosophy


At Sober Beauty, we only use safe & sustainable ingredients and never compromise on performance


Sober Beauty accentuates your natural beauty giving you a subtle, glowing, and real look


We strive to be a net positive to planet and people, encouraging conscious living and consumption

Find Us

At SOBER BEAUTY, we believe that developing makeup deserves the same attention as skincare.

We commit to the highest clean beauty standards while never compromising on makeup performance.

Our look is subtle and glowing to accentuate your natural beauty.

We are leading the Clean Beauty Revolution in China.

SOBER BEAUTY: clean, effortless, mindful.